Lower Manhattan’s Dive Bar Dakota Roadhouse Closed

It was sleazy, in a good way.
It was sleazy, in a good way. Photo: Shanna Ravindra

The Financial District-area Manhattan bar once described as Animal House meets The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has apparently lost its lease: Its barware and equipment, along with mountains of hallowed clutter, pilfered MTA signage, and old tin breweriana were scheduled to go on the auction block earlier today, and no one at Dakota Roadhouse has picked up the phone for a long time. Meanwhile, the Day-Glo foosball tables, mini bestiary of taxidermied critters, and TV set that once played random pornos are reportedly being cleared out of the cavernous space. Discerning barflies, finance-industry-vigilante types, and the wide assortment of mutts who found many cool spots over the years to nap on the floors therein are now at a major loss. [Eliot B. Millman Co.]