Manhattan’s First Dairy Queen Opens in May

Winter is coming.
Winter is coming. Photo: Dairy Queen

Those chilly winds blowing in off the Hudson, particularly the gusts littered with rainbow sprinkles and maraschino stems, are actually not an indication of yet another cold front, but in fact, the very first signs it’s almost time for Dairy Queen to open its ambitious, 2,500-square-foot store at 54 West 14th Street, near Union Square. There’s going to be seating for 100 and more soft-serve than you can shake a stick at, not to mention the entire Orange Julius array and the chain’s 5-Buck Lunch, which is exactly what it sounds like. New York City already has one Dairy Queen, but it’s in the St. George Terminal of the Staten Island Ferry. The 14th Street DQ Grill & Chill will not only be the chain’s first location Manhattan, but also its first ever two-story location. It’ll open in “mid-to-late May,” Blizzards and all. [MarketWatch, Earlier]