This 18-Inch Corn Dog Costs $25

The Diamondbacks are serving this trashy, bunless fried gem. Photo: Arizona Diamondbacks

Talk about concessions: Arizona Diamondbacks fans will now be able to throw down $25 on an 18-inch deep-fried corn dog at the team's Chase Field Big Dawgs kiosk. It's stuffed with bacon and cheese, and comes resting on a bed of fries, with plastic soufflé cups of chipotle ketchup and spicy mustard on the side. The Daily News Twitter-queried the team for the corn dog's calorie count, and the Diamondbacks replied, presumably in jest, "We're still counting. Stand by" But this isn't even the MLB's most monstrous dog that honor, ESPN points out, belongs to the Texas Rangers' $26, two-foot chili-cheese-slathered "Boomstick."

Still, the gargantuan D-Bat apparently poses enough concern and threat to public safety that the club had a statement prepared specifically for its release, in which team president and CEO Derrick Hall includes this terse disclaimer: "It's really about sharing with the family."

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