TV Cook Clarissa Dickson Wright Has Died

Dickson Wright, at right, with co-host Jennifer Paterson.
Dickson Wright, at right, with co-host Jennifer Paterson.Photo: Courtesy of the Cooking Channel

The television personality and author Clarissa Dickson Wright died on Saturday at Edinburgh’s Royal Infirmary. No cause of death has been reported, but one of Wright’s agents tells the Guardian that she “hadn’t been well for a little while.” The 66-year-old celebrity chef was one-half of the unlikely chef pairing Two Fat Ladies — co-host Jennifer Paterson died in 1999 — and starred in the somewhat unlikely, often ribald, and always butter-fueled British cooking show of the same name in the late ‘90s, in which they traveled from one location to another on a sidecar-outfitted motorcycle. The pair wrote several cookbooks, and some of their exploits live on online and at sites like the Cooking Channel. [Guardian]