Cinnabon Releases ‘Classic Cinnamon Roll’ Air Freshener

Oh, no.
Oh, no. Photo: Air Wick

Cinnabon-branded Cream of Wheat and Cinnabon-tinged novelty vodka exist, and while we’re waiting for the company to solidify its next batch of co-branded world cinna-domination plans, it’s conveniently put these Air Wick stank bombs on the market. You just pull the pin, or whatever it is one does to deploy air fresheners, and voilà — your whole house is thoroughly Cinna-bombed. The company, which is positioning its namesake product as the next pumpkin spice, says the Air Wick has got that “irresistible smell of freshly baked dough, one-of-a-kind cinnamon and cream cheese frosting that makes Cinnabon cinnamon rolls so unforgettable.” Let’s be honest, though: Does cream-cheese frosting really smell like anything? [Laughing Squid, Earlier]