ChocoChicken Opens Next Month in Los Angeles

Part dark meat, part 80-percent cocoa.
Part dark meat, part 80-percent cocoa. Photo: ChocoChicken

Here’s more on ChocoChicken, which entrepreneur Adam Fleischman is betting will do for fried chicken what his Umami Group did for hamburgers. As the name suggests, it’s indeed a combination of chocolate and fried chicken, and while that could be a scary mash-up in less-skilled hands, Fleischman swears the world’s never tasted anything like it. “It plays with your mind,” he says. “It doesn’t harken back to what a burger should be or what chicken should be. It’s its own category.” Sides will apparently also be in their own category: White-chocolate mashed potatoes, and bacon biscuits topped with something called ChocoKetchup, are in the mix. [Fast Company, Related]