This 10,000-Calorie Monster Is the Cheeseburger That Never Ends

The inspiration.
The inspiration. Photo: Carton Network

In the era of outrageous novelty hamburger one-upmanship, it’s not surprising that someone has finally created a gut-busting burger that features a full cheeseburger encased by another burger and sandwiched between buns made from full hamburgers. The Franken-sandwich, invented by Corinne Clarkson of the Mister Eaters chip shop in Lancanshire, England, clocks in at a hefty 10,000 calories, thanks in part to five full pounds of beef and six slices of cheese. The creation is modeled after a similar one featured on an episode of Cartoon Network’s The Regular Show, and is currently being sold for £20, or just under $33 — a steal considering that the calories could sustain a grown adult for five full days. [The Daily Mail]