Gnocchi-Makers and Cognac Snifters: 14 Chefs and Their Very First Tweets

When Guy Fieri tweets that you should hold on, you hold on. Photo: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

In celebration of its eighth anniversary today, Twitter launched a site that allows users to find their first tweets as well as the first tweet from any Twitter handle. The food world at large is populated by thousands of users who wield their 140-character deftness and wit in response to everything from escatological dessert news to sandwich mishaps to zero-star reviews. This, however, was not always the case. Turns out no matter how many successful restaurants they helm or hit shows they host, a lot of chefs' first tweets were just like the rest of ours — pretty awkward.

For his first tweet, Michael White tried out the third-person "Dear Diary" approach:

Grant Achatz burned the midnight-nerd oil:

Ludo Lefebvre threatened everyone:

Danny Meyer was drinking:

So was Andrew Carmellini:

Hugh Acheson, too:

Meanwhile, Alex Guarnaschelli was fighting the good fight her first time on Twitter:

Ruth Reichl was preoccupied with weightier issues:

Among the TV-chef posse, Cat Cora multitasked:

Guy Fieri thanked his people and kept us holding on:

Emeril discovered his signature "Bam!" is weird when there's no room left for punctuation:

Todd English was just being brutally honest, as usual:

Paula Deen was running with scissors and opening her Harrah's buffet, which later closed amidst controversy:

And Tyler Florence was mysteriously "sooting"* in the big city:

*We hear Tyler Florence is just fine now, by the way.