Fake Chef Managed to Cook Disgusting Food on 5 Midwest Morning Shows

Photo: Youtube

Food segments on morning shows are notoriously, hilariously awkward. Anchors and chefs often try to condense hours of cooking into three-minute segments, something that allowed the assorted talents of Keith Guerke to get through the net. The “chef,” who in real life is named Nick Prueher, somehow got bookings on five network morning shows across Wisconsin and Illinois over the holidays to demonstrate the gonzo, leftovers-based recipes found in his new cookbook, which doesn’t actually exist. As Chef Keith, Preuher compares himself to the self-mutilation-prone musician GG Allin, then blends lots of ham and gravy with 2 percent milk. Partner-in-crime Joe Pickett — who is, along with Preuher, the co-creator of the Found Footage Festival — tells Deadspin that the food used in all of the segments was actually “day old-KFC,” which sounds about right.

Fake Chef Fools Midwest Morning Shows, Makes Reporters Eat Gross Food [Deadspin]