Batali and Bastianich’s SLA Problem Likely to Have Quick Resolution

It's more about Lidia Bastianich, left, than Batali.
It's more about Lidia Bastianich, left, than Batali.Photo: Ilya S. Savenok; Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

Yesterday it was reported that the liquor licenses at restaurants owned by Mario Batali and the Bastianich families might somehow be subject to suspension as the result of an upcoming State Liquor Authority proceeding. Today, Eater helpfully offers a few clarifications: The SLA is including restaurants where Batali is not a partner, for starters, and it seems likely that Lidia Bastianich will plead no contest for the agency’s points regarding Eataly Wine LLC, the mega-grocer’s wine shop. Babbo, Del Posto, and the rest of the group’s restaurants are probably in the clear and will likely continue to operate as usual. [Eater, Related]