Watch Action Bronson Profess His Admiration for Guy Fieri


Action Bronson, the Queens rapper who used to be a Mets chef and has a real soft spot for Marea, sat down with Pitchfork for its “Over/Under” video series, in which artists weigh in on overrated and underrated topics. He’s got some complicated feelings for Guy Fieri, it turns out, whom he calls “one of most douchiest, scummy dudes that you could ever see in your life, but for some reason I love him,” adding, “I love his style,” and other plaudits. “The man has frosted tips in 2014,” says Bronson. “He’s underrated for sure.”

Watch Action Bronson Rate Veganism, Snapchat, Thrift Stores, More on’s “Over/Under” [Pitchfork]