Middle-Eastern Restaurant Called the Bomb Won’t Change Its Name


A married couple from Syria have opened a takeout shop in the Detroit-area called the Bomb, which serves a menu of fajitas, sandwiches, and Middle-Eastern food. Apparently some neighbors have been ruffled by this, and Arab-American Civil Rights League chair Nabih Ayad says he thinks the name is “distasteful,” adding that he believes it may encourage negative stereotypes about Arab-Americans. But proprietor George Georgi says he’s proud of his offbeat choice, because, you know, people always say his food is the bomb. (“My restaurant is funny,” he tells Fox, “I have jalapeños, that’s it.”) Meanwhile, a decent part of the first three minutes of this staggering five-minute news segment are given over to defining the expression, which is probably handy for anyone who’s been living under a rock for the last twenty years.

For whatever it’s worth, no one should be getting upset over this. Kenan & Kel opened an exclusive nightclub called “Duh Bomb” back in 1996.

Middle eastern restaurant called The Bomb opens in Eastpointe
[My Fox Detroit via Reddit]