Subway Inn ‘Probably’ Relocating Somewhere in the Neighborhood

Subway Inn
Subway Inn Photo: Carmen Lopez

A parcel consisting of several buildings along East 60th Street between Lexington and Third Avenues is owned by developer World-Wide Group, which will likely put up something new on the spot. The site represents a consolidated 200 feet of frontage across the street from Bloomingdale’s, which almost certainly means that 143 60th Street, home to the old Subway Inn, will likely be eventually demolished and replaced. Gothamist reached out to an employee at the bar who identified himself as the owner’s son. He says that the entire dive, presumably along with its iconic neon crowning, may “end up moving somewhere else pretty close in the area,” but also indicated that the new development is not necessarily happening anytime soon. [EV Grieve, Gothamist]