Snapchat Hack Sends Users Photos of Smoothies

The Smoothie Board of America denies responsibility.

If you like piña coladas, there's at least some small chance that you'll be intrigued to find out that an undisclosed number of Snapchat users are being hit by a hack that snaps them random photos of alluring-looking smoothies with printed instructions to visit a site called The treachery continues if users go to the URL and are redirected ... to an page for a recipe for a banana, berry, and yogurt smoothie. Seriously.

Wired's Joe Brown reports that the vulnerability likely results from users with easy-to-guess passwords, such as password, and a company spokesperson says Snapchat is "not seeing any evidence of brute-force tactics," so perhaps the best advice right now, at least while the smoothie bandit is still at large, is for users to change their logins.

Still, compared to the earlier hack that exposed 4.6 million user names and phone numbers, this one seems downright refreshing. For now, at least.

A Snapchat Hack Is Sending People Pictures of Smoothies [Wired via Consumerist]