Shailene Woodley Sings Praises of Bulletproof Coffee

She forages and acts.
She forages and acts. Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It should come as no surprise that the same rising star who extols the virtues of homemade cheese and sported a dab of beet juice in place of lipstick at the Golden Globes would have enthusiasm for wild-crafted nettles, but here’s Shailene Woodley telling F&W; that she starts “almost every day” with Bulletproof Coffee, a strong brew thickened with emulsified butter and oil. The drink, based on Tibetan and Nepalese butter tea, is supposed to improve mental clarity and curb hunger. Woodley also says she collects spring water, so here’s hoping some kind of intense back-to-nature cookbook is in the works, just as soon as she’s finished starring in every movie this year. [F&W;, Related]