English Potato-Chip Company Accidentally Put Famous Poet’s Photo on Bags

Iambic potatometer
Iambic potatometer Photo: Ron Paste/Twitter

In order to illustrate the “fleeting look of contempt” portion of its recent “Win a fleeting look of contempt or £25,000” promotion, Tyrells English Crisps inadvertently selected an image of Nobel-nominated Welsh poet RS Thomas to grace the bags of its Sweet Chilli flavor. (Other non-monetary prizes include getting “joint custody of a whelk” or whistling lessons.) The company has since apologized for using the photo of the scowling poet Thomas, who died in 2000 at the age of 87, but the literature lecturer who alerted the company to its blunder still has mixed feelings. “My reaction was a mixture of real amusement at the absurdity if it and a real anger that a respected poet should suffer such an undignified posthumous fate for the sake of selling overpriced fried potatoes,” he says. [Bakery and Snacks]