Pride and Joy BBQ Owners Suing Lucky Cheng’s Owner Over Termites

Termite (allegedly) walks into a bar and says, "Hey, is the bar, you know, um, tender here?" Photo: Lord_of_Q/Twitter

The owners of a promising but delayed East Village barbecue restaurant have responded to an eviction attempt with a $22 million lawsuit, DNAInfo reports. Pride and Joy was slated to open last year, with Myron Mixon in the kitchen, but the renowned pit-master left after filing a lawsuit of his own. The restaurant's partners now contend that landlord Hayne Suthon, who operated the famous Lucky Cheng's on-site before moving it to Times Square last year, did not allow for proper inspection before signing the lease. They allege that structural deficits, including "a leaking roof and walls," have hampered their efforts to open, along with termite infestation. Legal papers claim the proprietors have spent $3.1 million in renovations and repairs, plus $600,000 in rent, to date. They now seek $22 million in damages. [DNAInfo, Earlier]