Couple Faces Assault Charges for Shooting Drive-Through Worker With Nerf Dart


Fast-food workers routinely deal with people like Stephanie Winkler and Mark Applebaum, who are not stupid teenagers, but instead a 22-year-old woman and 26-year-old man, respectively. On Sunday, the boyfriend and girlfriend allegedly fired a Nerf dart from a gun at a worker in the drive-through window at a St. Louis-area Lion’s Choice, KMOV reports. It’s not at all clear why they did this, but the couple didn’t order anything beforehand, and even though the worker was not injured, Winkler and Applebaum now face third-degree assault charges, meaning they may go to jail for up to fifteen days as well as each pay a $300 fine.

“The surveillance video shows a female worker doing her job and not expecting to be shot with a Nerf gun,” the newscaster says, and although it’s a bit grainy, the video really does show that. Straight ahead, a compelling case for fast-food workers getting a wage hike across the board.

Woman, boyfriend charged after local fast-food worker shot with Nerf dart