Lower East Side’s Anti-Pizza Crusader Has Really Had It Up to Here With Pizza


The creator of an online petition seeking to prevent new pizzerias from opening on the Lower East Side wants to make it clear that every single outlet that covered his or her intrepid crusade thus far — including NPR, Gothamist, CBS, and Grub Street — didn’t quite understand the message, which is that all pizzerias must be stopped. Cheap, fancy, exotic, novel — none of this matters, and the petitioner’s Change.org page has been amended: “To clarify the point of this petition,” it now reads, “It is not an anti $1 slice pizza petition. We’re sick of ALL pizzerias. No more $1 slice pizzerias. No more expensive brick oven pizzerias. NO MORE PIZZERIAS!” Garlic knots should presumably also shove it. [EV Grieve, Earlier]