Minor-League Baseball Team Chooses Sizzling Bacon Strip to Grace New Hats

Lard is the secret to their killer curve ball.
Lard is the secret to their killer curve ball. Photo: Courtesy of Lehigh Valley IronPigs

Phillies Triple-A affiliate the Lehigh Valley IronPigs debuted their new uniforms and hats this week, and one of those designs prominently features a slice of thick-cut bacon across the cap. The visual food metaphor is sort of confusing — did these guys cook themselves, and isn’t that bad? — but it’s still a cool look, even if someone’s inevitably going to get offended. So why stop there? Crawfish Boxes (via Post-Dispatch critic Ian Froeb) takes up the gauntlet with this brilliant and exhaustive survey of a world where every major-league baseball team has its own food-themed cap. The Braves get a Waffle House waffle, clam chowder appears on the Red Sox’s hats, the Yankees get thin-crust pizzas, and the San Francisco Giants get kale. The Colorado Rockies, in case you were wondering, get “special” pot brownies. [GQ, Crawfish Boxes]