Lawsuit Filed to Prevent Removal of the Four Seasons’ Picasso

La Tricorne. Photo: Courtesy of the Four Seasons

After publicly raising concern that even the slightest disturbance to a 95-year-old Pablo Picasso artwork that hangs on a wall at the Four Seasons would likely cause significant damage, the New York Landmarks Conservancy yesterday filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction to prevent its removal. Landlord RFR Holding insists that the wall behind the nineteen-foot-tall tapestry is in need of emergency repair, so "Le Tricorne" read more about it here has to come down. Legal papers claim that RFR did not get the proper go-ahead from the Landmarks Preservation Commission, DNAInfo reports, but also that RFR Group's Aby Rosen's alleged dislike of the artwork is the underlying reason for its announced removal. [DNAInfo, Earlier, Related]