Kind Snacks Sues Clif Bar for Trademark Infringement

Confusing? Photo: KIND Snacks

A lawsuit filed earlier this month in New York by the maker of Kind fruit-and-nut snacks alleges that similarities between the packaging of its own nutritional bars and a packaging redesign recently announced by rival Clif Bar for its “Mojo” line are, well, waaay too similar to be coincidental. Specifically, Kind claims (PDF) that Clif Mojo’s transparent “window,” along with its “horizontal stripe bisecting the transparent front panel” and bullet-pointed list of attributes will inevitably cause “customer confusion.” The similarities “powerfully suggest a bad faith intent to trade on KIND’s hard-earned good will,” the lawsuit states. In other words, the company suspects Clif Mojo is trying to steal its mojo. [Bakery and Snacks]