Watch Max Wade Steal Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini


The Marin County teen who was last month sentenced to life in prison for attempted murder of a classmate and possession for a stolen vehicle employed a hodgepodge of LoJack-jamming, lock-picking, and rappelling techniques he picked up on the Internet when he took celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini from a San Francisco dealership in March of 2011. Among the nuggets we learn in this seven-minute report are that then-17-year-old Max Wade was a smart kid who took things way too far, and that Fieri had a vanity plate that read “GUYTORO.” Wade may be a high-school dropout, ABC investigative reporter Dan Noyes tells us, “but he sure did his homework before pulling off his crimes.”

I-Team: See video of teen stealing Chef Guy Fieri’s Lambo [ABC via Eater]
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