Gordon Ramsay’s Got One Foolproof Instant Ramen Hack


Sure, you can spend all kinds of time improving your Cup of Noodles by adding sauces, soft-cooked eggs, or add-on meats, but the British celebrity chef has a brilliant alternative approach, which he posted on Facebook last night. It's got a little highbrow-lowbrow thing going on.

Basically, the way to vastly improve any 80-cent instant ramen cup is to add an $80 spoonful of sturgeon roe. After the noodles are cooked, of course. You know, à la minute.


"How to enhance ramen noodles," the chef writes. "Spoonful of caviar."Photo: Gordon Ramsay/Facebook

Come to think of it, an instant ramen bar appointed with self-serve caviar stations might make a really great restaurant concept. Especially if the cocktails were decent.