Gallaghers Steakhouse Reopening Tonight

A peek inside the restaurant's refurbished meat locker.
A peek inside the restaurant's refurbished meat locker.Photo: Gallaghers

After a seven-month, multi-million-dollar renovation, restaurateur Dean Poll’s revamp of Gallaghers Steakhouse finally opens tonight in midtown. Poll bought the restaurant last year, you may remember, and the upgraded, 220-seat dining room includes a newly windowed look into the steakhouse’s famed aging chambers and a brand-new open kitchen. Several non-beef dishes have been added, but perhaps more importantly, the main event now extends to hulking porterhouses that serve two, three, and four guests. The horseshoe bar has been restored to its fifties grandeur, and there’s new cocktail list by Dominic Venegas of The NoMad. Even the name has undergone a redesign, with Poll dropping the originally apostrophe. [Earlier]