Watch Dumb Starbucks’s Nathan Fielder Explain His Dumb Business Plan to Jimmy Kimmel

Photo: Youtube

The exercise in fair-use philosophy/media stunt known as Dumb Starbucks continued last night, when the burgeoning coffee chain’s president, the comedian Nathan Fielder, defended his bid for world supremacy on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In addition to that whole parody thing, Fielder explains that because Dumb Starbucks is an “art gallery, and the coffee is the art,” the L.A. health department had no technical basis for forcibly closing the shop on Monday afternoon because standard food-establishment permitting issues do not apply. Otherwise, Fielder explains, he’s ready to expand to Brooklyn with his novel business plan, in which he sources an assortment of pastries from the supermarket and brews “whatever coffee is on sale.” And of Starbucks itself, which is no doubt trying to obliterate Fielder’s dry sense of humor as well as his coffee shop? “You could say that if they do continue down this road, they risk losing me as a customer,” he tells Kimmel.

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