Starburns From Community Not a Fan of Umami Burger’s New Monte Cristo Offering

He respectfully disagrees.
He respectfully disagrees. Photo: NBC

“I’ve had it and don’t agree with this review. Tired of all the Umami-haters trying to balance out the legions of Umami-lovers. The Monte Cristo was GOOD. Both times I had it (albeit the first time I was drunk). I thought the prosciutto balanced the sweetness perfectly. Also, Umami’s Truffle Burger is the best burger I’ve ever had.” — Producer, actor, and writer Dino Stamatopoulos, a.k.a. Starburns on Community, is not only an active Serious Eats user, but also a supporter of Umami Burger’s newest menu addition. He gets “really mad about food!!!” [AHT, Earlier]