WSJ. Magazine Looks at Daisuke Nakazawa’s Daily Routine

Daisuke Nakazawa, smoking something on the sidewalk.
Daisuke Nakazawa, smoking something on the sidewalk. Photo: Courtesy Sushi Nakazawa

Along with his three prep chefs, Sushi Nakazawa’s acclaimed namesake chef Daisuke Nakazawa knows (more or less) what to expect every day. WSJ. takes a look at a typical day for the 35-year-old, who commutes to the West Village from Englewood, New Jersey, where he lives with his wife and four children. Nakazawa knows if his tamago pan is up to temp just by holding it up to his face, can tell how he’s going to break down a 400-pound bluefin tuna into fatty and lean bits just buy looking at it, and has gotten his afternoon prep routine down pat enough that he’s able to take the time every day to get a cup of coffee from Milk & Cookies Bakery. That, and the fact that he seems to wear his “I ♥ N.Y.” T-shirt under his chef’s jacket quite a lot, is really kind of sweet. [WSJ., Earlier]