Cómodo Team Opening Latin-American Restaurant in Fort Greene

The team bringing wood back from Connecticut for the new grill.

Felipe Donnelly and Tamy Rofe, the husband-and-wife proprietors of Soho favorite Cómodo, tell Grub that they're opening a second restaurant on February 18. Colonia Verde (at 219 Dekalb Ave.) will serve up Latin American asado-style food cooked over a wood-fired grill — a mostly new menu, with a few Cómodo mainstays, like lamb sliders. The restaurant seats 58 and has outdoor seating and a full liquor license. Donnelly and Rofe say that they fell in love with the neighborhood, and they've penned a sweet letter to its residents.

Querido Fort Greene,

We have been visiting you quite often, getting ready for opening. Time flies, we remember those first moments we strolled through your streets and fell in love with your scenery, your people, your culture, and history. We knew it then, and we most definitely know it now, you've got something special going on. And now, in just over a month, we will be able to be part of it. We are in overdrive: thrilled, a bit nervous, inspired, and energized. We see the opening day coming and wait for it with excitement — we want to rush and kick open the doors!

Thank you for your magic, for being big on creativity, culture and heritage. Fort Greene, as cozy as you may seem, you are a colony of mix and the capital of global, and we are humbled to become part of who you are and all you've got cooking up.