Chobani Supports Athletes With Kind Words Instead of Greek Yogurt

Maybe when they get home?
Maybe when they get home? Photo: Chobani

While the 5,000 containers of Chobani that were supposed to fly to Sochi are still grounded in cold storage somewhere near Newark International Airport, the Greek yogurt titan is trying its best to nourish team USA with messages of support, and it seems like all will be well. “We all have different routines before competing, but I think that part of the sport is adapting,” half-pipe skier Lyman Currier tells the AP. “So whether we have our yogurt or not, we’ll be able to adapt.” Meanwhile, a Russian official says he doesn’t understand how the yogurt standoff “reached this point,” adding, without disclosing the solution, “this question can be resolved very quickly.” [AP/Yahoo, Earlier]