Pittsburgh’s Seedy, Bootleg Burger King Goes Legit

South Side-bound.
South Side-bound. Photo: Burger King

The city’s most enigmatic, also “skeevy, trashy, dangerous, and just unpleasant” fast-food restaurant pretending to be an actual Burger King reopens today as a bona fide Burger King. TOMS King, which owns more than 58 other outlets, announced the move yesterday, putting a swift end to a dark, brief period in which customers were able to order from official menu boards from workers wearing genuine Burger King uniforms, but were handed mystery-meat sandwiches in brown paper bags and were otherwise denied all dipping sauces except for ketchup. In addition to announcing the end of the South Side restaurant’s dark days, the franchisee said the location will undergo a “full remodel” in the upcoming months. [Earlier]