Pittsburgh’s Bogus Burger King Sounds Pretty Rough

Photo: WPXI

It’s not clear when this Burger King on Pittsburgh’s South Side was stripped of its corporate affiliation — or what, exactly, precipitated the change — but in any event, it looks like management was able to hold onto its sign and tried to forge ahead as if nothing had happened. The menu boards and employee uniforms were all official Burger King, but if this Reddit thread is any indication, management ran out of Whoppers a while back, dropped all the dipping sauces except for ketchup, started pouring soda into jumbo white-foam cups, and packaged their mystery burgers into brown paper bags. They even refused to honor Burger King coupons. Management apparently explained to a local news reporter that the store is in the process of re-branding, right before he kicked her off the property and hastily took down the fast-food signage. Straight ahead, more on the place one reviewer called “skeevy, trashy, dangerous, and just unpleasant.”

Bogus Burger King? Customers say South Side restaurant isn’t the real deal