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Talde’s Speedy Romeo Pie; Aldea’s Festa do Leitão

Aldea is hosting a three-course dinner revolving around Portuguese-style suckling pig and a slew of Iberian dishes. The Festa do Leitão on February 10 will only set you back $58. [Grub Street] • Food writers and editors will discuss their gustatory adventures and experiences with James Oseland in honor of Lonely Planet's recent culinary anthology A Fork in the Road. The Strand will host an event on February 25 and the 92nd Street Y will host another on February 27. [Grub Street] • Speedy Romeo has collaborated with Dale Talde on the "the Uncle Phan" pizza, consisting of Vietnamese pulled lamb shoulder, eggplant relish, pickled cabbage, jalapeños, and white sauce. It will be available for the next two weeks. [Grub Street]

Middle-Eastern Restaurant Called the Bomb Won't Change Its Name


A married couple from Syria have opened a takeout shop in the Detroit-area called the Bomb, which serves a menu of fajitas, sandwiches, and Middle-Eastern food. Apparently some neighbors have been ruffled by this, and Arab-American Civil Rights League chair Nabih Ayad says he thinks the name is "distasteful," adding that he believes it may encourage negative stereotypes about Arab-Americans. But proprietor George Georgi says he's proud of his offbeat choice, because, you know, people always say his food is the bomb. ("My restaurant is funny," he tells Fox, "I have jalapeños, that's it.") Meanwhile, a decent part of the first three minutes of this staggering five-minute news segment are given over to defining the expression, which is probably handy for anyone who's been living under a rock for the last twenty years.

"I had a salad. It was great."»

Rejoice: New York’s Servers No Longer Have to Ask Permission to Pour Your Water

The New York Times brings us the best bit of news we've heard all day, which is that "Subdivision (a) of Section 20-08 of Chapter 20 of Title 15 of the Rules of the City of New York Governing and Restricting the Use and Supply of Water" is now on its way to repeal! Of course, everyone's been ignoring the sort-of-obsolete rule, which prohibited employees from pouring water to guests without first getting express permission, for decades now. But as word spreads that servers no longer need the green light to pour, it's clearly a whole new world out there: A customer at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Times Square even tells the paper he got a glass of tap, automatically, after ordering a cocktail, no questions asked. Who knows, maybe the next rule in the books will require restaurants to cut down on confusing one-word euphemisms for pricey bottled water, like "sparkling," "still," and "glacial." [NYT]

Hunker Down: 15 Restaurant Dishes That Will Last You Through the Next Snowstorm

Last through the winter with cured meat from Rosemary's.Photo: Rosemary's

Hey, will you look at that? Two more big snowstorms are likely to hit New York hard in the coming days, which means takeout food is a must. (Do your delivery guys a solid and stay off Seamless if there's a foot of snow on the ground.) Instead, prepare tonight by picking up some easily re-heatable restaurant-quality dishes. They'll taste just as good, if not better, at home — given the way this winter is going, order extra in case you get snowed in until spring.

Short ribs, fried rice, and more.»

English Potato-Chip Company Accidentally Put Famous Poet’s Photo on Bags

In order to illustrate the "fleeting look of contempt" portion of its recent "Win a fleeting look of contempt or £25,000" promotion, Tyrells English Crisps inadvertently selected an image of Nobel-nominated Welsh poet RS Thomas to grace the bags of its Sweet Chilli flavor. (Other non-monetary prizes include getting "joint custody of a whelk" or whistling lessons.) The company has since apologized for using the photo of the scowling poet Thomas, who died in 2000 at the age of 87, but the literature lecturer who alerted the company to its blunder still has mixed feelings. "My reaction was a mixture of real amusement at the absurdity if it and a real anger that a respected poet should suffer such an undignified posthumous fate for the sake of selling overpriced fried potatoes," he says. [Bakery and Snacks]

McDonald’s Reveals How It Makes McNuggets — And You Won’t Believe What’s in Them


Just kidding. You will absolutely believe what's in them. Everywhere you look on the Internet today, you will find the videos below, produced by McDonald's Canada, which purport to demonstrate exactly how McNuggets get made. (The pro-cess, as they say up in Canada.) The good news: There is no "pink goop." The completely expected news: There is a lot of beige goop. In fact, it's all beige goop! They just grind those birds up until they're a formless mass of flesh, shape 'em, batter 'em, fry 'em, freeze 'em, and ship 'em on off to your local Mickey D's. Somewhere along the line, McDonald's Canada employs a silicone-based polymer called dimethylpolysiloxane, but the videos do not show you that part of the pro-cess.

This way for the goop.»

The Four Seasons’ Giant Picasso Is in All Kinds of Trouble

A nineteen-foot-tall curtain Pablo Picasso painted over three busy weeks back in 1919 that's been hanging in the hallway at the Four Seasons for more than a half-decade is now in danger of being damaged extensively, the New York Times reports. The fragile tapestry is scheduled to be taken down on Sunday in order to give workers access to a limestone wall behind it in the Seagram Building, where the restaurant has been open for 55 years. Even if performed gently, some say this maneuver may cause portions of the tapestry to "crack like a potato chip," according to New York Landmarks Conservancy president Peg Breen, who also intimates that recent developments may be an overture to removing the Picasso permanently.

"I asked for his engineer’s report and he said he didn’t have one."»

’Inoteca Closes Saturday Night

You've got five days.Photo: Lauren Klain Carton

Eater reports that Saturday is the last day of service for Jason Denton's 'inoteca, which has been serving small plates and Montepulciano to guests on the corner of Rivington and Ludlow Streets on the daily since 2003. Denton announced the closure in a statement that indicates he and his partner are relinquishing the lease and reads, in part, "We invite all friends past and present to come and help us drink our 1,300 bottles of amazing Italian wine by Sunday morning at 4 a.m." The restaurateur's well-loved 'ino in the West Village and Williamsburg's Betto both closed last spring. [Eater NY, Earlier, Earlier]

Brooklyn’s Brucie Serving Beyoncé-Themed Valentine’s Menu

You may never wake up as flawless as Beyoncé, but you can at least take on a Bey-themed menu on February 14 at Brucie in Cobble Hill. Drunk in love? Go for the negroni short ribs and beef-heart salad. Fan of Mrs. Carter's pre-solo days? Get the Breastiny's Child, a veal-breast braciole with pickled fig and goat yogurt. The fantastically punny menu has only one real flaw — Brucie's favoring the traditional spelling of Surfboard (deviled bone marrow with root vegetables in bone broth) over Beyoncé's more distinct surfbort. Check out the full menu online. [Brucie via FWF]

Bottle Service: The Top Wines for $50 or Less at 12 Great New Restaurants

Extra points for a cool label.Photo: Melissa Hom

It's time for another installment of Bottle Service, in which we ask a noted wine expert — this time, Christie's rare-wine specialist Scott Torrence — to select the best $50-and-under bottles (one white and one red) at the city's most-talked-about new spots. No longer shall you blindly pick the second-cheapest bottle on the list: Just follow the guidance below — and feel free to crib Torrence's tasting notes, too.

“Quincy offers great bang-for-your-buck.”»

Here’s the Cover For Lucky Peach’s ‘Street Food’ Issue

All that and a sausage party.Photo: Lucky Peach

The food magazine delves into the wide world of street food for its tenth issue, its first without former publisher McSweeney's. René Redzepi and Fuschia Dunlop take on street meat, Mourad Lahlou reports on Moroccan grilling techniques, and there are looks at Mumbai's chaat wallahs and the organ-heavy stew served at Bangkok's Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. Also teased: A report that may shed some light on why "Turkey in the Straw," aka that horrible ice-cream truck song, is so annoying. [Lucky Peach/Tumblr, Earlier]

Las Vegas Writer Refused Tip to Vegas Bartender Who Shook Old-Fashioned — Or Did She?

Also, who charges $20 for an Old Fashioned?Photo: If You Can't Afford to Tip

So it's February 2014, and here we thought the days of receipt sermonizing and high-stakes tipping controversies were past us, but no, here's a new one: Las Vegas-based writer Xania Woodman was apparently served an Old Fashioned that was shaken instead of stirred over the weekend, so she posted a photo of her receipt. In it, in place of an actual tip, was the simple admonishment "Don't shake Old Fashioneds." And some commentary: "It's a shame, too," Woodman wrote. "His bartender outfit was so promising."

She probably did in fact leave a tip.»

Fired Chicago Sandwich Shop Employees Have Been Re-Hired

More than a month after its staff of fourteen workers was laid off just before Christmas, a Chicago location of Snarf's has agreed to provide one month of back-pay for each employee and will rehire anyone who wants to return to the sandwich shop. Workers had been sent an e-mail indicating the store was closing for renovations just one day before the holiday last year. "Fast food and retail workers are not going to tolerate this kind of unjust treatment; working at some of the lowest wage jobs and being fired in this manner," an employee tells CBS. [CBS, Earlier, Related]

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