Watch the Most Romantic Whole Foods Marriage Proposal of All Time


A year ago, Vladimir Romannikov met Monica Dehombre while they shopped at a Whole Foods in Coral Gables. Romannikov apparently followed Dehombre around the entire store until he mustered the courage to approach her with this stunning opener at the checkout lanes: “So you shop all organic, huh?” For some reason, that worked, and one year later, Romannikov asked the grocer if they’d help him pop the question at cashier two, where it all began. Whole Foods obliged, and even gave the guy a wireless microphone looped into the store’s PA system. The video is a perfect storm of live kombucha cultures, canned John Legend, scattered rose petals, and conspicuous branding — there’s even a bunch of reusable Whole Foods–branded totes in frames at the big moment. At least it beats that Staten Island Best Buy proposal.

Man proposes to girlfriend at Whole Foods [WSVN 7]