Is New York Getting a Double Dose of Aikens Chefs?

Tom has the longer hair, we think.
Tom has the longer hair, we think. Photo: Dave M. Bennett/Getty Images

English chef Robert Aikens has been going about his business serving Welsh rarebit and British charter pie for a few weeks now at adjoining Murray Hill restaurants the Peacock and the Shakespeare, and now it seems as though his Michelin-starred twin brother may also be considering a move to helm his own kitchen nearby: In a statement announcing the closure of his namesake London restaurant, Tom Aikens, who remains the youngest-ever British chef to be awarded two Michelin stars, says he’ll devote the year to expanding his other restaurants in the U.K. and Turkey, but is also “currently exploring other opportunities, including the US and Asia, which will be announced later in 2014.” New York City seems like a good bet, if only for the fact that we’ve haven’t had an alluring tale of sibling restaurateur rivalry in a while. Also: Think of the epic pranks these guys could play on their line cooks. [Big Hospitality, Earlier, Related]