Veni, Vidi, Venti: Woman Ends Yearlong Odyssey of Consuming Only Starbucks Products

Why is this woman smiling?
Why is this woman smiling? Photo: For 1 Year Of My Life

Not only did one intrepid Seattle woman with the improbable name of Beautiful Existence succeed in her self-imposed challenge of eating only Starbucks food for the duration of 2013, but after 365 days’ worth of PSLs and cold espresso drinks permeating every fiber of her being, she now says her existence is even more beautiful. (Also, that she’s not a plant for the coffee chain.) Existence got creative at mealtimes, dressed as the Starbucks siren on Halloween, and exfoliates her skin with coffee; when asked over Twitter how her health fared, she responded: “Better, without doubt!”

Meanwhile, in Manhattan, Starbucks coffee-tographer John McCourt emerged victorious from his quest to visit all 208 of the chain’s Manhattan locations. His conclusion: The Starbucks that overrun the city are not evil, but in fact, “represent the ever-changing state of urban life and the people that are attracted to it.” That’s one way of looking at it.

My First Meal is Ivar’s
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