Whisky From SS Politician Shipwreck Up for Auction

Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of maybe-not-so-awesome-tasting Scotch.

Time's running out to bid on this rare bottle of Scotch whisky presumably retrieved from Scotland's coastal waters after the SS Politican sunk in 1941 with some 28,000 cases of liquor onboard. The wreck served as the inspiration for the 1949 booze-inundation classic Whisky Galore!, and the bottle up for grabs was exhumed in 1997 by a resident digging a fresh garden path. "This is what whisky collecting is all about," a representative of the auction house says, even though the liquor in the bottle may not actually be potable. Bidding has passed the $500 mark. [Whisky Auctions via Spirits Business]