Texas Won’t Be Sriracha Capital of the World Anytime Soon

Straight outta Winston-Salem.
Straight outta Winston-Salem. Photo: Courtesy of Texas Pete

It’s been seven hours and fifteen days — or something like that — since the municipal government of Irwindale, California, took Huy Fong Food’s Sriracha away. Some have struggled to cope in a world without rooster sauce, pretty much everyone else has been fine, and in any event, ABC reports that Huy Fong’s products are now set to return to stores by the month’s end. But that hasn’t stopped Dallas-based state representative Jason Villalba from trying to court Sriracha maker David Tran to move the operation Texas. Villalba’s even offered to have dignitaries visit the factory, though, so far, Tran isn’t biting, or even answering letters. In the meantime, manufacturer Texas Pete took advantage of the shortage to release its own copycat version of Sriracha late last month, called CHA!. Like all of Pete’s products, though, it’s made in North Carolina. [ABC, LAT, Earlier]