More Sourdough: Roman’s Baker Expands She Wolf Bakery’s Retail Arm

Okay, maybe you just need one.
Okay, maybe you just need one. Photo: Polina Yamshchikov

Austin Hall, who produces the exceptional bread made and served at Roman’s (and also at proprietor Andrew Tarlow’s Diner, Marlow and Sons, Reynard, and Achilles Heel), has entered the next phase of his World Sourdough Domination plan with this latest extension of She Wolf Bakery’s retail arm: The sourdough, which is made with natural levain and Farmer Ground spelt flour from Trumansburg, New York, is now available for online ordering by 5 p.m. every day and pickup at Roman’s, Achilles Heel, and the Brooklyn Kitchen. Meanwhile, She Wolf Bakery is already stocking the larder at Marlow & Daughters with a much wider variety of breads — including, but not limited to, pizza bianca, rye and rye-raisin batard, miche, and sprouted spelt boule — all for on-the-fly purchase. [Official Site]