Quintessence Struggles to Stay Afloat After Co-owner’s Death

Quintessence Photo: Dave Ratzlow

It’s a critical moment for Quintessence, the 13-year-old East Village raw, vegan, and organic foods restaurant. Co-owner Steve Bohen passed away on Tuesday night, EV Grieve notes, leaving behind his wife and co-founder, Mun Chan, with just days left in the restaurant’s campaign to keep its doors open in the face of rent hikes and rising food costs. “A business such as this is not a money maker, or get rich and retire operation,” says co-owner Dan Hoyt in an appeal, “but more of a non-profit community serving operation serving a needing market.” The owners have been working second jobs to stay afloat, especially as raw-food sales drop in winter. The campaign ends at midnight tomorrow; donate here to support the neighborhood restaurant, and you’ll receive some cashew lattes in return. [EV Grieve, Indiegogo]