Owners of NYC Institution Prime Burger Open ‘The Prime’ in Hastings-on-Hudson

Recognize this hamburger? Photo: Courtesy of Prime Burger Facebook

Hamburger lovers and vegetarians alike lamented the closing of Prime Burger in midtown in 2012, after proprietors John and Michael DiMiceli abruptly learned that their decades-old diner didn't configure into the new owner's retail plans for the building. The DiMiceli brothers hinted at a possible relocation at the time, which now turns out to be a little more suburban than some had hoped, but here it is anyhow: The Prime is now up to full speed on Main Street. It may not have the sixties-era swiveling tabletops or space-agey hourglass lamps of the original, but it does have a stately new identity (it's "an American grille" with a full liquor license) and plenty of hamburgers, including "the Prime" itself, which comes with lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, and relish, for $12.95. And it's just a thirtysomething-minute ride away on Metro-North. [Larchmont Patch, Earlier]