Pizza Hut Bravely Tests ‘By-the-Slice’ Option

Crazy Cheesy Crust is not available by the slice.
Crazy Cheesy Crust is not available by the slice.Photo: Pizza Hut

The fast-food chain is taking a break from hawking pepperoni cologne and hyping the drone of your dreams to work out a novel strategy: Starting today, traditional, nonsteroidal pizza by the slice is available at two Pizza Hut test restaurants in York, Nebraska, and Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Executives say they’re looking to figure out how much customers will be interested in slices that take four minutes to heat up and retail for $2 to $3. If the new, less gonzo pizza strategy fails to take off, they can at least fall back on making pies decorated with meat and cheese in the shape of Trey Wingo’s face. [AP, Related]