They’re Serving Free Mountain Dew–Cured Bacon Tacos in Bryant Park Right Now

Why, yes those are gluten-free Cherry Pepsi–braised BBQ wings.

The PepsiCo- and Frito-Lay-themed celebrity-chef-and-professional-athlete smashupfest known as #PEPCITY, which is going on today and Saturday, extends to the following real things you can eat — for free, for real — concocted by David Burke, Marc Forgione, and Michael Psilakis.

1. Mountain Dew Bacon Tacos With Sabra Guacamole
2. Pepsi Max Citrus Chipotle Drink
3. Tostitos "Street Tacos" with Kickstart Mountain Dew Chicken
4. Tostitos "Street Tacos" with Pepsi-Braised Brisket
5. Tostitos "Street Tacos" with Manzanita Pulled Pork
6. Cool Ranch Doritos-Cured Gravlax with Everything Gougères
7. Gluten-Free Cherry Pepsi BBQ Chicken Wings
8. Diet Pepsi Bellinis

Look — even David Burke seems not entirely convinced this is really happening.

In other news, we warned you this would come to pass. There were signs.

Actually, those wings don't look so bad.

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