Paul Bocuse Remains Hospitalized in Lyon

The esteemed chef is now competing with McDonald's.
The esteemed chef is now competing with McDonald's. Photo: Alainelorza via Flickr

The venerated French chef Paul Bocuse, who turns 88 next month and is probably the most respected chef’s chef in the world, has been receiving medical care at a hospital in his native Lyon for more than a week. Bocuse, who has had mobility issues for some time, suffers from Parkinson’s disease and a history of heart disease, but is being treated for back pain. Representatives cautiously describe the situation as ongoing, but emphasize that the chef is faring well. Meanwhile, Bocuse’s restaurant group earlier today opened the third location of Ouest Express, his fast-casual restaurant designed to compete with places like McDonalds. It even has a drive-through window. [AFP, Lyon Capitale, Lyon Capitale, Related]