Panera Apologizes After Kicking Out Toddler With Squeaky Shoes

Officially the best restaurant to be kicked out of.
Officially the best restaurant to be kicked out of.Photo: Panera

A mother and her 2-year-old daughter were asked to leave a Panera Bread in Savannah, Georgia, because the little girl’s shoes were too “squeaky,” according to Fox News. Even after the mother explained that these were prescription orthopedic shoes necessary for her daughter Emma’s developmental condition, the heartless assistant manager insisted she take them off. But this story has a happy ending: Panera didn’t just issue an official apology — though they did, and it sounds heartfelt: “the last thing we would want to do is make anyone feel unwelcome” — the franchise also had the offending employee apologize in person, and plans on holding a fund-raiser to raise money for Emma’s medical bills. [Fox News]