Burger King Tows Cars Belonging to ‘Little Old Ladies’ From Parking Lot

Flame embroiled.
Flame embroiled. Photo: Burger King

As if to demonstrate that they were totally unmoved by management at the Queens McDonald’s who took pity on a group of loitering senior patrons, the owners of a New Hampshire Burger King had eight cars belonging to “little old ladies” towed from the parking lot. The women say they’ve been parking in the fast-food outlet’s parking lot once a month, for “at least two decades,” while they take day trips to Boston on a charter bus. The New Hampshire Leader reports that the average age of the ladies is 80, and even the owner of the towing company felt the women should have at least gotten a warning first. He says he reduced the charge from $165 to $100 for the women to get their cars out of impound. [Consumerist, Earlier]