Angry Supermarket Worker Peed on Discarded Food to Thwart Freegans

Uncalled for.
Uncalled for. Photo: Jed Egan

Note to gleaners and freegans: Your lifestyle may be catching on in some parts of the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still dicks out there. Sure, there’s a nonprofit restaurant in Copenhagen serving past-its-sell-by-date yogurt in a swanky setting, but over in nearby Zealand there’s a kid balancing atop the roll-off outside the local Netto supermarket, urinating on its contents, and leaving threatening notes directed at those looking for random edible bits therein. Netto reps pointed out the employee’s actions are “not a reflection of company policy,” and were quick to add he was only kidding about that whole pee thing. Or so they think. [Ice News, Related]