Cops Bust Super-Productive Home Moonshine Operation in Mississippi

Yes, he even used Mason jars.
Yes, he even used Mason jars. Photo: Shutterstock

A 38-year-old Brandon, Mississippi, resident’s man cave was turned upside-down after a raid of his garage turned up 15 mason jars of moonshine, 23 bottles of whiskey, and a fairly sophisticated set-up including propane tanks, a 15-gallon cooker, and a 55-gallon drum of mash — all now confiscated as evidence, of course. Moonshiner Carey Klotz is currently out on bail and hasn’t been accused of selling the hooch; he was allegedly just trying to have a little fun. Chief Deputy and party pooper Rusty Hanna, however, called the operation dangerous and unsanitary, and noted that the ten gallons of whiskey Klotz was able to produce per week represent “significant tax fraud.” [MS News Now]