Now There’s Vodka Made From Milk

From New Zealand, with love.
From New Zealand, with love. Photo: Leche Spirits

A family of dairy farmers in New Zealand have found a way to turn milk into vodka, and the result, Milk Money Vodka, will hit stores in Colorado and New Mexico later this month. Despite its “full-bodied flavor” and “clean sweet finish,” drumming up interest in Milk Money Vodka hasn’t been easy, president of U.S. distributor Leche Spirits admits to the The Spirits Business, but he says the idea is “slowly coming around as more and more people demand the vodka distilled from milk,” apparently. The vegan crowd will undoubtedly be a hard sell, but Milk Money Vodka is primed to take hold of at least two major endorsement bases: Money-loving vodka drinkers looking for the next big club drink, and moms. [Spirits Business]