Milady’s Went Out of Business Last Night With a Horde of Longtime Customers

Fare thee well, Milady's.
Fare thee well, Milady's. Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

Well-loved Soho establishment Milady’s closed for good last night. “It’s a dive bar,” owner Frank Genovese tells the New York Times, reflecting on the years leading up to last night’s jam-packed finale. “I serve burgers; a beer is 5 bucks. I can no longer sustain that formula. It doesn’t work anymore. The egg that once cost me 5 cents now costs 50 cents.” In its latest incarnation, Milady’s was open for thirtysomething years, and the space was a bar for as long as anyone can remember before that: Robert Simonson talks to one regular, now 70, who says he was served his first beer at the Prince Street establishment back when he was 16. [NYT, Earlier]